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Disposable Temporary Email

Disposable email is a service that permits to receive messages with a throwaway email address that disappears after some time. It is also recognized with 10minutemail, throwaway email, temp mail, fake-mail, or junk-mail. Numerous forums, Wi-Fi owners, blogs and websites require people to register before seeing the content, post comments, and download anything. Temporary email is a highly improved disposable email service that prevents you from spam and remains protected.

Why do I need TemposEmail?

When we find that an unidentified email lasts, we do not entirely realize how much use it can be. And the essential question is, Why there is a need for a temporary or disposable email when we already have regular mail service such as,, etc. If both, i.e., the regular mails id and quick emails, are free, then the question arises: What is the difference between these two emails. The answer is that, in the registration of regular email, your data is required. But, in the case of temporary mail id, your info is not required. A typical email address will never erase your mails, whereas all the mails will be automatically removed after 24 hours when you have a temporary mail id in our service. A regular email can't be deleted. In contrast, the temporary mail id gives you this opportunity without any difficulties.


  • Generate millions of email inboxes. You can use anyone you want;
  • Prevent Spam. Protect your personal information and privacy by not permitting spam in your personal email.
  • Email Auto-Deletes. Messages are auto-deleted after 24 hours. if you sign up as member you can set auto-delete up to 30 days and you'll get more options like: make custom names, choose domain names, generate mail boxes up to 10 and keep notified from selected senders to your real email box.


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Disposable Email Address

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About the service, TemposEmail!

TemposEmail is a Disposable email address (DEA) that creates a different and new email address for each receiver. Benefits of temporary Email: It is mostly useful when somebody might sell or send an email address to spam mail lists to other corrupt persons. These emails are mostly used in situations like online registration for sites […]

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